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archiv 2019

2. 11. Australia wants to use face recognition for porn age verification
31. 10. Chinese Citizens Will Have to Scan Their Faces to Get Internet Access and New Phone Numbers
31. 10. Schools are using AI to track what students write on their computers
18. 7. Your Future Doctor Could Monitor Your Facebook Posts for Disease
11. 7. Co jednou zaznamená Amazon Alexa, zůstane navždy uloženo u výrobců
8. 7. TfL is going to track all London Underground users using Wi-Fi
19. 6. When smart devices pass secrets to the police
16. 6. In Stores, Secret Surveillance Tracks Your Every Move
15. 6. Google can still use Bluetooth to track your Android phone when Bluetooth is turned off
9. 1. Čína vyřešila záškoláctví. Studenty oblékla do stejnokrojů s GPS lokátory
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